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Welcome to a unique educational opportunity.

To attend the DC trip with Parks Jr High all 8th grade students must be active paid Club members. 

Club DC: Our mission is to provide an American History Tour unlike any other with a immersive, fun, safe and exciting experiences.

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7th & 8th Grade Club Student Membership - learn more

Participation in Club DC requires a one time non-refundable fee to provide for the existence of the Club and each student member a list of goodies.  Club membership is open to all grade levels... -learn more

For over 40 years Parks students have been traveling back in history to discover America beyond the textbook.

This journey to our American roots is an opportunity to have history presented in ways a textbook cannot. Participants will have the chance to relive the American experience by touching history with eyes, hands, and hearts. The foundations of freedom and democracy that have defined this country will be discovered.

Along the way, this program will build character, self-reliance, and responsibility. Moreover, it will foster the value of hard work and instill a spirit of community.

Visit our community page for a listing of those who have given their time, support and more to help Club DC take students in need, achive goals and make this the best experiecne possible. For those who have given, thank you so much.

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